The Busy Woman's Childminding Checklist

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I know. You’re busy. You work, take care of kids, run a household, organise meals and schedules, and have a million things to do every day, so why do you need to go to the trouble of filling out a child-minding checklist?

The truth is, it's worth it in the long run.

If you take a moment or two to pop in the needed information, you won't be second-guessing.

Whether you're the mum or the one minding the kids, you'll have listed the important information when and if it's needed.

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It's so easy to think that all the relevant information has been shared, until you're in the thick of it and not sure what you need to do. Be prepared beforehand. Pop $0.00 in the price box for free download.

Emergency contact info
No scrambling for info
Sleep tracker
Helpful info
Allergies listed
Peace of mind
Meal info
Any problems or concerns
Helpful for mum & dad to know
Supplies that will need replacing
Can be added to the shopping list
Nappy change
Reassuring info
Space to note anything special
Share those special moments
3 checklist styles
Choose what works for you
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The Busy Woman's Childminding Checklist

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